Qaasid Karan – That’s the name I picked up for myself.

And yes, like every other artist out there, I too got a story behind this.

My real name is Karanbir Singh Saluja. I am an engineer by education, a digital marketer-cum-content writer by profession and that’s not what I always wanted to do.

Let me Bore You With Some Education Talks First

I was very clueless about my future until the first year of college. Till then, the only things I explored about myself were a good hand at mathematics, analytical abilities, and somewhat convincing abilities.

Did I tell you I scored a 100 in Mathematics during the 7th class that made me focus more on the subject?

Science seemed interesting and I loved to headhunt with computers (mobile devices weren’t this popular then). That’s what pushed me to take up engineering and then you can pretty much imagine what happens.

A decent academic life, zero success in finding a loving partner, and life’s challenges. All these dug deep into my personality and started making me what I am today.

Karanbir Singh Saluja - Poet and Digital Marketer in Amritsar
Karanbir Singh Saluja - Poet and Digital Marketer in Amritsar

Writing and I Have Been Connected Always, Professionally & Personally

Degree, job, and all life’s things are similar for all today. So, I am not going into that. But writing was a part of me since my schooling. Maybe that’s why it became a professional career choice after heading straight with IT, Sales, Call Center, and almost every department out there.

Writing connected me to Digital Marketing and my journey from a content writer to digital marketer had a phase that fed the poet in me too.

Yes! I fell in love with her. And, you guessed it right. It was a failure that turned me into a poet.

By now, I have written many pieces, recited a few of them in front of the public at open mic events in my hometown (Amritsar), Jalandhar, and Chandigarh.

What I am Up to?

Well, I already shared a few words about that. I am on to use my art of poetry for good influence. At least, I hope so and will try my best.

Not my first achievement as a poet but a big one. I am getting my writings published in an anthology. Things are still under work and I will share the details once we are ready.

Besides, I am also a co-founder of a digital marketing agency, Dream Branding Destination. Do get in touch if you need any assistance with online marketing for your business.

Wanna Talk to Me?

Yes, you can. I love talking to new people, discussing new things, and helping others in any way I can.

You can reach me through this site’s contact page. Click on the links below to get in touch through social networking sites

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