Qaasid Karan

Ek waqt ki baat hai
Jab hum bache hua karte the
Guzra bachpan, toota dil, aur hum ban gaye Qaasid
Yakeen maano bande hum bhi bahut achhe hua karte the

Shayar | Content Writer | Digital Marketer

My expression of emotions through words
has earned me accolades & appreciations

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Karanbir Singh Saluja - Poet and Digital Marketer in Amritsar

Qaasid Karan – That’s the name I picked up for myself.

And yes, like every other artist out there, I too got a story behind this.

My real name is Karanbir Singh Saluja. I am an engineer by education, a digital marketer-cum-content writer by profession and that’s not what I always wanted to do.

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Yes, you can. I love talking to new people, discussing new things, and helping others in any way I can.

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