What’s, Why’s, & How’s of Making Poetry Videos Answered Here

Words can be used as a sword to cut or needle to sew. But when they come together with visuals, like in the form of videos, they become more impactful. And, poetry videos are gaining more popularity in the entertainment segment, particularly slam and performance poems. The rising demand of viewers is complemented by people creating more content. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process you need to create video clips of your own.

Where all this Craze for Poetry Videos is coming from?

Poetry Videos Trending

On a general note, the impression of a video lasts longer than a photo and the least is of a text. Further, videos communicate better and easily get into one’s mind. Besides, faster internet speeds allow uploading, downloading, and streaming high quality videos easier. That’s why marketers keep on stressing that videos are trending and are here to stay.

Moreover, from YouTube to Facebook, and IGTV are a few of the many popular video platforms available today. Not to forget, millennial love to watch and create tiktok videos.

What is a Poetry Video?

Quite simple, a video in which a poet recites a poem. Most of the times, a poet records himself/herself reciting a self-creation. However, many create whatsapp status videos using random elements or text with poem recited in the background. And, most of those poem videos usually come from verses that writers have recited on a stage. You can easily find many open mic poetry videos published on the official channels of communities like:

And, then there are some bigger stages that witness performances of poets popular across national and international boundaries.

You never know your poetry clips can be your path to gaining a slot at one of those platforms. And, this leads to our next section of the article.

Why Create Video Clips?

Why Create Video Clips

There can be many answers to this question. And, not everyone would agree to the same. So, here’s a list of reasons what I feel for why you might be willing to making videos:

  • You desire from people to recognize you by your work of art through your poems
  • Expectation that one day organizers of a big platform will find your poems and invite you for a performance.
  • You want to earn a decent income through your poetry channel.
  • Desire to become a celebrity in the entertainment domain known for spreading magic through words.
  • Or, it could be as simple as that you love writing and sharing your write-ups with the world.

Whatever the reason be, the first question that every poet gets is “How to make a poem video go viral?” Let’s explore the right approach to making your first video.

How to Make Poetry Videos for YouTube?

How to Make Poetry Videos for YouTube

Lights! Camera! Action! No, it’s not that simple unless you are recording a video just for yourself. A major problem people face while shooting a quality video is the lack of proper equipment.

Got iPhone? Or another phone with a high-end DSLR-like camera? Planning to record directly from that phone? Wait! You still need a lot more to add to your recording equipment list.

What Happens When I Record Videos Without Proper Equipment?

Not everyone can become Bhuvan Bam who can record stable, shake-free, clear videos holding phone in his hand for around 45 minutes straight. And, if you are a newbie, chances of getting a shaky clip in the end are higher. Don’t forget the background noise that creeps in every then and now, making your videos feel miserable.

How to Record Poetry Videos with Proper Equipment

How to Record Poetry Videos with Proper Equipment?

You don’t need a professional studio to record a video with you reciting a poem. All you need is a basic set that ensures you get a stable video and a clear sound. Here’s a list of equipment that you can start with:

  • High-quality camera that could be one in your phone or a DSLR one if you can afford.
  • Tripod stand that keeps the camera stable and helps you record a perfect footage.
  • Light ring or an alternative that makes sure your video doesn’t go dark.
  • Noise-cancellation wired or wireless mic that records only your voice.
  • Some video editing skills to make the video more appealing than a basic straight out of the camera.

Editing Videos

Editing Videos

Well, there’s not much you need to do if you don’t have those pro editor skills. However, you can use a free simple video editing software to tune up the video and audio a bit. If you don’t have much knowledge of editing, you can always switch to YouTube for easy tutorials. And, to decide what you should add or remove, do watch some poetry videos uploaded on channels listed above.

Generally, a video should have the following elements:

  • Introduction: You can add a logo (if you got one) or simply add a title screen showing your and your poetry’s name.
  • The Content: Next, comes the actual poem video that you recorded for the purpose.
  • Call to Action: It isn’t recommended to add anything within the video and let viewers enjoy your word art. In the end, you need to ask viewers to like, share, follow, subscribe, or do anything else you desire. YouTube Studio allows you to add an end screen that puts up a subscribe button along with links to other videos.

Making Money from Your Poems

  • Yes, you can monetize your poetry.
  • No, you don’t need to go out and sell books door to door.

There are various options available online where you can publish your poetry and gain some reputation. Or, you can check out this article to discover various places where you can submit poetry and earn money. And, if these aren’t your picks, you can work on growing your fans and monetize YouTube channel.

So, does that answer your doubts about how to make poetry videos? Let me know if you need to know anything more in the comment section.

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