The Only Free & Simple Video Editing Software List You Need

Editing and publishing videos on Youtube was easier with the inbuilt simple video editing software until 2017. Then in September 2017, the video platform decided to retire the editor stating limited usage as the reason. Fortunately, you have a long list of free and paid, online and offline, desktop and mobile editors available. That’s why I went out to research and create a list of free video editing tools for Windows. (And that contains some paid tools as well as mobile apps too).

What All You Need from a Simple Video Editing Software?

Simple Video Editing Software

The answer to this comes pretty easy and quick. Imagine what all you get in a video that makes it interesting enough to watch. A video footage (a high quality one), a clear audio, some animation effects, motion graphics, and a number of clips. The best free video editing app combines features required to add, edit, or modify all those things. From basic cut and join to audio-video mixing, and advanced animations, here are some common features of a video editor:

  • Support, handle, and convert multiple video file formats
  • Cut, join, and save video clips into one file (of multiple files)
  • Add desired audio tracks to a video file as well as edit or make adjustments to the existing sound
  • Apply video filters for basic corrections as well as desired modifications
  • Add titles, subtitles, video transitions, special effects, and more to make videos creative, engaging, and appealing
  • Speed adjustment, color correction, tilting, brightness and contrast adjustment, and other editing functions
  • Render and/or encode videos to generate desired output file formats. For instance, if you are going to upload your video to YouTube, you will need an MP4 video.
  • Compress and/or resize video files without compromising on the overall video quality

Why You Need the Best Video Editing App for YouTube?

Best Video Editing App for YouTube

Nowadays, people are paying more attention to video content than other formats available online. You might be already aware that people are using TikTok, IGTV, and Facebook Watch for shorter videos. And, people are looking for more video content in the future followed by news post and social media posts.

The first name that will come to your mind when you think of video content isn’t that TikTok or IGTV. It’s always going to be YouTube. The world’s largest video search engine is the best for long videos like a poetry symposium, an event performance, a song, or a series. That’s why YouTube has over 2 billion registered users, according to YouTube Stats. And, if you are not yet comfortable making and uploading videos, you can still submit poetry and earn money online.

Need more data? YouTube has an upload of over 500-hour video content every minute. And, Google says that more people from 18-49 year age group watch YouTube than all the cable TV networks.

But why I am telling you all this. It’s because when you are going to upload your next video on YouTube, you know how competitive it is going to be. But worry not, we are here to offer you a solution not a heartbreak.

With the best video editing app for YouTube, you can ensure the best quality content. That, combined with your unique concept and storyline, will surely attract the masses. Let’s explore some of the best on the market.

Best Free Video Editor Tools

Enough of the talks here. Let’s jump straight to the list of best video editor for pc free download.

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC - Free Video Editor Tools
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Probably one of the best free video editor tools, VSDC comes packed with exciting features for vloggers. With this editor, you can either import pre-recorded clips or use direct recordings from the webcam. In addition to an intuitive interface, you get various editing features as well. You can apply filters like those available on Instagram, add titles, shapes, voiceover, and much more. And, once done, you can export the final video directly to a social networking site or YouTube.

Though the free version offers interesting features from audio editing to color correction, it is available for Windows only. Further, the free version doesn’t come with a tech support that asks for $9.99 monthly or $14.99 annually. However, a Pro version is also available with advanced features for $19.99 with free support.


Lightworks - Easy Free Video Editing Software
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This easy free video editing software lets you create videos of professional quality without spending a dime. The non-linear editor, supports multi-track video, allowing editing without compromising quality. Besides, various editing features, it also allows for real-time previews as well as background render and import. However, the only downside to this tool is the steep learning curve due to somewhat complex interface.

Drag windows, create multiple layout variations, define desired keyboard shortcuts, and do much more for a faster editing experience. Lightworks is available for free on Linux, Windows, and Mac. You can also buy a Pro version for an advanced editing experience later if you wish to. Though the free version supports only MPEG export in 720p quality, the paid version offers multiple file format options. Besides, the Pro variant also allows you to explore and upload 4K videos directly to YouTube.


Shotcut - Video Editing Software for YouTube
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Another free video editing software for YouTube, Shotcut is an open-source tool for Mac, Linux, and Windows users. The tool offers an impressive range of features such as cutting & converting video footage, add filters, effects, and stream multiple formats. A bare-looking interface covers the comprehensive tool under the hood comprising of customizable audio and video filters. Further, the non-linear editing allows you to add, edit, and remove changes any time you wish to.

However, a steeper learning curve and inability to preview filters can make editing a daunting experience to begin with. But once you learn working on this tool, it has the potential to become your preferred video editing tool. Further, the huge filter selection allows you to add desired audio & video effects and customize them for desired results. The best thing about this simple video editing software is that you don’t need to upgrade alongside 4K support and timeline editing.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve - Best Online Video Editor
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Now, this one comes with advanced features for someone looking for much more than the basic cut and trim. Besides, being a quality editing tool on the list, this can also be your best online video editor. Some of its interesting functions include color correction, video effects, audio effects, post-production editing, and 2D/3D titles among others. It also allows you to collaborate with others for a group editing project. This feature comes in handy for advanced editing wherein a team of multiple editors is involved.

On top of it, you can also use the tool for better SEO of your videos. Smart Bins available within allow automatic sorting and display of footage on the basis of metadata criteria. Adding custom keywords and tags is another friendly feature for YouTube vloggers and video marketers.

How to Use a Free and Simple Video Editing Software?

Getting started with a video editor is same as that with any other desktop application. All you need to do is visit the download link for your favorite one, download the setup, and install. To learn using the YouTube video editor free, you can follow one or more of the following steps:

  • After downloading and installing, headhunt with the tool and try creating a test project to understand things.
  • Refer to official documentation and guides to learn about various features, functions, and their use.
  • Look for tutorial videos online, preferably YouTube, and follow them step by step.

And, that’s not the end, I will be updating this list with more free and simple video editing software. Do subscribe and keep a check to find more useful information about recording, editing, and launching a YouTube channel. If you are a poet looking for ways to promote your writings, you can check out this guide to becoming a published poet.

Do let me know if this list of free YouTube video editors is helpful or not. You can also leave a comment telling about any other video editor that should be here.

Happy Editing and Vlogging!

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