Submit Poetry Using These 6 Ways to Earn Extra Income

How to write poems and get paid? Submit poetry to a publisher and get paid. No, it’s never going to be that simple. So, what’re the options? Well, a book isn’t the only thing you need to convert your art into money.

I agree many literature lovers still buy and read those books and you can make a good fortune. But believe me, the success rate isn’t that great. If it would have been that great, there would be more anthologies than novels and storybooks altogether. Astonished? There are many poets out there.

Let’s get back to the point. Here, I will share some poem submission sites that you can use to sell your poetry. And, I’ll start with the basics.

What is a Poem?

Cambridge English dictionary explains a poem as a write-up with words (often rhyming) arranged across separate lines. The choice of words is based on the ideas and images they suggest or for their particular sound.

Why is it difficult to submit poetry and monetize your art?

Though there are many lovers and admirers of poetry, it isn’t the same when it comes to the buyer count. Other writing forms such as freelance writing and books find a much better market for authors. And, selling a book is always based on the type of audience interested in reading it and its preferences.

While shorter poem collection books can do well, the increasingly busy lifestyle is impacting people’s reading habits. This, in turn, has reduced the number of potential buyers who actually read written verses. Due to this, not many publishing houses solicit poetry submissions actively

Don’t be disheartened as we are going to explore ways to get you published and paid through available options.

Newbie or Infamous Poets Shouldn’t Opt to Self-Publish Poetry Book

If you are considering publishing your book of poems, re-think and then think again. Though this could be a great option for you as many established authors still choose this over modern monetizing ways. However, there are certain downfalls to this approach.

You are likely to incur unexpected expenses of printing, formatting, and others. On top of it, marketing and promotion for generating sales and revenue is again your job. In the end, newbies and infamous poets might not generate enough sales to cover these expenses, leave profits aside. Here, I am not saying that you shouldn’t choose to self publish poetry book but create some hype instead.

Fortunately, you have a market to cater to the poems you put your heart in. And, here goes the list of poetry sites that pay.

Who Can You Submit your Poetry For?

This is something important that you need to do well before getting your poems published. There are various groups a poet can target, out of which, a few examples are listed here:

  • Those looking for special occasion poems like a special wish for anniversary, birthday, or any other event.
  • Poetry lovers who casually love to find and read poems online/offline.
  • People interested in artwork, accessories, and unique displays that carrying verses.
  • Those looking for unique gifts for a special someone, a friend, or family

Analyzing the need for poetry can help understand how successful your selling plan can be.

Things to know before you Submit Poetry for Publication

Submit Poetry for Publication
  • Most of the literary publications accept only those poems not published earlier. You will find this condition in the submission guidelines if there’s any.
  • It takes time for the publisher to review a submission. You might need to wait for months, or weeks at least, to know if yours is accepted or rejected.
  • An understanding of guidelines and processes can help you create a regular side income source.
  • This isn’t the best choice if you are looking to make some quick money.

Best Places to Submit Poetry

And now, here’s the list of sites, journals, publishers, and other options where you can submit poetry for money.

Create a Gig on Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform for freelancers where they create a task (gig) for $5 for buyers to find and hire. Though you can charge a higher amount as well. Here, you can upload a gig offering a customized poem for $5. Including some images of your past work can help attract buyers with ease.

Here, your buyer can be someone looking for a piece of written art for a special occasion. If lucky, you can also attract someone offering long-term work. Create your account, optimize profile, and add poetry writing to your list of services.

Create a Poetry Blog or Site

If you are technically sound to do more than joining and using social media sites, creating a website or blog won’t be difficult for you. Though you have both paid and free options available with, of course, the latter having its limitations. This site that you are reading this blog on is also an example of a writer’s minimalistic website.

Creating a site can help you transform yourself into a brand. Or you can opt for a different name (that can or cannot be your pen name) for the blog/site. With a bit of learning and practical experience, you can easily set up a site on Blogger (free) or WordPress (paid/free). This follows some activities to publish poetry online and get paid by promoting the site and generating traffic. You can, then, convert this traffic into money by multiple means. Add a paid subscription, use Ads from Google or any other Ad publisher, or go for affiliate marketing.

Use Poems on In-demand Items

Can you recall any item that you used with some quotes, a poetry verse, or a complete poem written on it? Coffee mugs, poster prints, t-shirts, shirts, bags, and pillows are among others on the list. Various sites allow you to upload images on these items and sell your poetry printed on the items. However, this might need you to get hands-on with some image editing tools.

Use Etsy to Sell Your Poetry on Handmade Items

Sell Your Poetry on Etsy

Etsy is an online store of handmade products and you can add yours to the list too. But wait, we were talking about publishing poetries. Well, we are still on track. On Etsy, you can put your poems on various products and sell them. There’s a huge variety of products available on the site including wall hangings, accessories, gift items, and more. You can also cater to the on-demand product market here.

Besides, Etsy allows you to sell an eBook or writing services as well. Thus, as stated earlier, you can get paid for writing poems in many ways other than just a book.

Write for Companies Selling Greeting Cards

Have you ever given someone a greeting card? Wonder where those beautifully crafted words came from? Its writers and poets like us who have provided write-ups to those card companies. And, you can write poems and get paid that way too. From poems to quotes and short stories, anything that looks good for a greeting card works.

Here are some greeting card companies that are known to accept writings for the same:

  • American Greetings
  • Blue Mountain Arts
  • Hallmark
  • Amber Lotus Publishing
  • Designer Greetings

You know the condition. The poem or verse needs to be your original work.

Submit Poetry to Literary Publications, Magazines, or Anthology

One of the best places to submit poetry is a journal, a magazine, or an anthology. However, the site you are submitting to should have a literature focus. Alongside helping you earn some income, this also brings an opportunity to earn fame as a poet.

Here are some poem submission sites that you can go through to find the one for you. Do go through submission guidelines to evaluate which ones are the right fit for your writing style, genre, and other aspects.

  • Three Penny Review

A prominent literary magazine, Three Penny Review pays $200 for unpublished poems of a maximum of 100 lines. You can submit your poetry to them either online or by mail. Here are the submission guidelines for the same.

Another prominent magazine, this one also wants you to submit unsolicited poems and not more than 200 lines. The payout is $25 to $250 words for each approved submission.

  • The Sun Magazine

The Sun Magazine accepts a range of writing works and payouts vary accordingly. It pays $300 to $2000 for personal essays and fiction and $100 to $250 for poems.

  • Poetry Foundation

This foundation works for poets and accepts unpublished, original poems only. Offering $10 per line and $150 per prose page, Poetry Foundation has kept $300 as the minimum payment amount.

  • Palette Poetry

Accepting year-round submissions, Palette Poetry accepts and publishes poems online only. It also features some newbie writers every month through the spotlight. Though they are highly selective, the payout is $50-$150 per poem.

Besides, there’s a huge list of magazines, journals, and publications where you can submit poetry.

  1. Arc Poetry Magazine
  2. EPOCH
  3. Chicken Soup for the Soul
  4. The Southern Review
  5. Ploughshares
  6. The Capilano Review
  7. US Kids Magazine
  8. AGNI
  9. Orion Magazine
  10. Willow Springs
  11. SubTropics
  12. Grain Magazine
  13. Rattle
  14. The Colorado Review
  15. The Lowa Review
  16. Iron Horse Review
  17. Leading Edge Magazine
  18. Crazy Horse
  19. Slice Magazine
  20. Clean Sheets
  21. New Myths
  22. The Pedestal Magazine
  23. Antigonish Review
  24. Grain Literary Magazine
  25. VQR Online
  26. Ruminate Magazine
  27. Goblin Fruit
  28. Clubhouse Jr Magazine
  29. US Kids Mag
  30. Dreams and Nightmares

And, the list goes on and on and on.

Go ahead, check the guidelines, and shortlist the ones you can submit your poetry to. Well, at present, the list contains most options for English poets only. I will be updating this with those for other languages soon. Do comment to let me know if I missed anything.

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