A Quick Guide on How to Publish Your Poetry

I have been writing for years but this idea of getting it published never strike my mind. But when a friend of mine told me “Why don’t you publish your poetry? It’s too good and speaks heart out. This will earn you good fame” And, that’s what motivated me and I was like I want to publish my poetry. And, now I am getting my first publication out shortly. Wondering how did that happen? Here I will take you through some worthy tips and places to publish poetry.

How it all began for me?

Publish Your Poetry - The Beginning

I started appearing in open mic events in my city and a few outstations too. That helped me create some worthy contacts into the literature (or to be specific, poetry) arena. When people started recognizing me for my work, I started getting more opportunities to present the same. And, there was one of those that led me to a publisher looking for co-authors to publish poetry.

With that, I am getting my first publication out soon. But that’s not the first time I tried to go public and get attention from readers. I have tried blogging, creating social pages, working towards creating a youtube channel, and much more.

How to Publish Your Poetry?

After all that headhunt, I am here with a list of some resources that can actually work. Whether you are looking to publish poems online or offline, go through the list to choose your favorite one.

How to Publish Your Poetry Online

Poetry Publishing Sites or Blogs

Probably the easiest and the fastest route to get a self-publication. You can set up one easily in minutes (or invest some more time and effort for a professional one). However, merely creating one and making your poetry go live isn’t going to land anywhere. You will need to work out and find ways to promote the same and get the desired traffic.


Chapbooks are known traditionally in the world of literature and not specifically restricted to poetry. Technically, a chapbook is a collection of write-ups (or say written works), which we refer to as poems here. After getting one published, writers usually bring those books to poetry sessions (like open mics) to sell. There, they read out a few excerpts from the book and invite buyers to buy copies of the complete collection. You can also take your chapbooks to a local bookstore and ask them to put those on sale. Another option can be offering chapbooks for free through bookstores or digital versions (PDF) to gain some initial fame.

Literary Journals or Magazines

Another traditional approach, literary journals, and magazines are the most traditional poetry publishing methods. Getting your work featured in a journal or magazine can lead you to bigger exposure. Potential anthology or poetry book publishers may notice your work through these journals and invite you to contribute.

And, when you get one, you shouldn’t just jump in to get yourself published. Do some background research and verify review if that’s the right match for your work. Read some of their earlier issues and go through the submission guidelines before sending your poems.

Submit Your Write-ups to Poetry Publishing Companies

You can find 2 types of publishers, those who accept open submissions and others who exclusively invite poets. If you are a beginner, you should go for poem publishers for free open submissions. While this won’t get any immediate financial income, your work can earn you fame, and in turn, exclusive invitations to the 2nd type of publishers.

However, some accepting open submissions do require you to have prior published. So, it is always a good approach to review guidelines before taking a step ahead.

Poetry Contests or Events

Poetry Publishing Sites, Events, and More

This one’s a bit debatable part. Like I told you, I started my journey of going public through open mic events in my city. There are these events with free entry or a nominal charge for performers. These are perfect platforms for beginners who have no reputation of being a poet or a writer. You will get people to listen to you and, if they like your work, you might start getting fans from day 1.

Similar to these events, there are poetry competitions. The lockdown era gave rise to a lot of those communities bring online contests and events. But before going in for a contest, you need to make a thorough background check. While some might charge a huge fee from poets as entry charges, someone might steal and re-use your work without any credit. Keeping these things in mind will lead you to platforms that can actually get you a fair amount of attention.

Slam Poetry

Talking about poets and not mentioning slam poetry would be unfair. While the audience listens or reads poems on all other platforms, they watch those words in action in slam poetry. For this, your work should be one that can be performed on a stage. You can get such performances produced as documentaries or films as well. If you don’t want to opt for online streaming, you can choose to participate in slam poetry contests. Even if this feels like the non-conventional way of poetry publishing, this will surely get more attention to your work.

Choose the Best Approach to Publish Your Poetry Online

Thus, with this list of online poetry publishing sites and offline modes, you have got various options to start. However, whenever you go for a publication, checking with the submission guidelines should be the first important thing. There are a few publications that don’t allow you to publish your poetry once you have got it printed in another issue.

So, let me know if this article gives you the information you were looking for. And, if you have already got any of your write-ups published, do let me know if I missed something. You can also share your thoughts and views by leaving a comment below. Also, share links to your poems so that others can have a look at your work and you can earn some fans (or traffic) to your online poetry website or page.

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